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Living a long life - Jason Prall

Everything we do affects our health. In today's reality, we seldom get to see what a healthy older person looks like. What is it that you may not be doing currently in your life that you should start doing to lead a healthy life ? Jason discusses alternative ways of healing on the Impact Theory. 

Why sleep is more important than diet -Tom Bilyeu

Sleep sleep sleep sleep  sleeeeeepppppp! Sleep quality over food quality ? Which one do you think is most beneficial? This video explains it perfectly. If there is at least one video you watch on this site, it has to be this one. 

Why being perfect will ruin you - Tom Bilyeu

Diet or lifestyle ? Which one is more important? Watch this intriguing video to gain new perspectives on why a strict healthy diet may not matter.

What the health - Trailer

This is a quick trailer on the documentary "What The Health". A film made to expose the detriment of eating certain food products. The film may appear to be vegan propaganda with far fetched claims, but some of the information does hold valuable information. The documentary is a recommended watch. 

Cleansing your body - A.D. Dolphin

A.D. Dolphin expands on the importance of cleansing the toxins out of our bodies. We have to realize that our bodies go through so much stress, it deserves to be rewarded every now and then with a cleanse.

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