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4 Habits of ALL successful relationships - TED Talk

Reframing the challenges of relationships is difficult and takes courage. Instead of assuming that your partner should know everything about you, being deliberate about finding ways to connect at a higher level will increase the likelihood a successful relationship. 

What is the Matrix - Truthunedited

The matrix is a metaphor used to describe systematic oppression. The word is often thrown around, but do we really know what it entails? This video gives us biblical taste on the matrix and how it affects us. 

Being yourself - Dame Dash

Dame harps on the value on perspective and why it has brought him such a successful and impactful life. His ability to visualize the outcome has allowed him to produce the results he desires. Watch this amazing and influential interview to get closer to executing on your own dreams.

I Quit - Prince Ea

Prince Ea is a personal favorite. This video will take you deep into your personal insecurities. What are some of the things you need to quit in order to progress in life?

4 the culture app

The 4theculture app is something revolutionary! The is app provides cultural information on African American history. The contains access to speeches, documents, historic videos, books and more. 

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